07 March 2009

Week 2 Training: Speedwork

It's been a tough week for me mainly because of my impaired vision. In the office, I had to read slower in order not to strain my eyes too much, and it hurt looking at the computer screen for long periods of time. So I was actually forced to complete tasks at a much slower pace.

And speaking of slow paces, last Thursday's running program involved speedwork--which I sorely lacked. If I had a running coach present with me last Thursday, he'd probably shout "Your grade? FAIL!"

Haha. Okay, I'm sure coaches aren't that mean, but yeah, I did fail in the speedwork thing.

I was supposed to do a 1.6K warm-up, three sets of 800-meter runs at a 5:54 pace per set, with 400-meter jogs in between sets, and then a final 1.6K cool-down run. Making it a total of 8K.

ARGH. If I was made to do long, slow distance running for 8 kilometers, I'd certainly be able to hack it. But I'm not a fast runner, so 3x800 @ 5:54 presented a challenge.

I had a happy 1.6K warm-up and when that was done, I ran in place while I reset my watch's activity time and distance log back to zero. I was nervous about completing 800 meters at a pace I knew was not realistic for me, considering my current running capability. But because I aim to try everything at least once, I started to run. When my watch indicated I had reached 800 meters, I was gasping heavily, and I checked the total time: 6:02. All that torture and I was still late by 8 seconds.

By the time I started the second 800-meter set, my knees were shaking in dread. God, I can be such a wuss at times.

I clocked in at 6:15. I was pooped, my shins hurt, and it seemed like my heart was about to burst out from my chest, so I didn't bother to do the third and final 800-meter run. I just wanted to complete the rest of the 8K doing LSD running. Right after the 2nd 800-meter set, I slowed down to a more relaxing pace and let my watch continue logging the distance. The speedwork tired me out so when I reached the 1.6K cool-down, I had a faltering gait and I could feel a bad soreness in both ankles and in my right shin.

Finally, my watch registered 8K. I slowed down to a limp and stretched my legs in one of the benches in Legaspi Park. I was so, so very tired, but the nice thing about running is that my eyes feel brighter and less sore. It must be an endorphins thing.

Later that night, I lay in bed with aching muscles, mentally going over the program I had just did. The speed running was exhausting, and I didn't do the third 800-meter set, but still, I kept asking myself why I was so tired after running 8K. Eight kilometers in total should not be too much of a problem for me these days. As I was computing my overall pace, a sudden thought entered my head that actually made me sit up: I didn't run a total of 8K. I ran 9.6K instead!

After my 1.6K warm-up, I had reset my watch distance and time log to zero. And then without stopping, I proceeded to run the next 8 kilometers. I totally forgot to include the 1.6K as part of the 8K. No friggin' wonder I was more tired than the usual.

Not only am I terrible in speedwork but in basic arithmetic as well. FAIL!


  1. hahaha! gina! be patient! it'll be easier maybe at the third try. you'll still get winded but you'll be able to do all four sets! go! :)

    i do poorly too at the math part in running. i get confused with counting the loops we do and end up asking my run mates kung ilan na. hahaha! :)

  2. Third try? Meaning the third set--or the third speedwork session?! Waah. No wonder you dread intervals--and I can't even imagine your current 4x1200 (!!!!!).

    I'm so poor at it. After the 2nd set, I felt like I'd been punched in the chest and I couldn't breathe.

    Am so NOT a math person. Hahahaha. May watch na nga ako to count the kilometers and I still screwed up in adding the total mileage. Urk. =P