29 March 2009

Condura Run results in Philippine Star

Am in my usual haunt, Starbucks, on this lazy Sunday afternoon, and of course I had to check today's issue of the Philippine Star.

All the names of the finishers in the 3K, 5K, 10K and 21K categories occupied three full pages. The whole thing looked like the results of a bar exam! =P

In the 10K race, I placed at lucky number 777, out of 1,313 runners. Of course, it would be nice to have a higher ranking, but with time and patience and lots of hard work, I'll get there someday. (Drinking coffee gets me all giddy and highly optimistic.)

Some of us noticed that the published race records for this run are actually higher than the race clock times. When I crossed the finish line, I saw from the race clock that I was at 1:11:49 but according to the official race results, I'm at 1:10:35. Hmm, I don't know which record I should follow. But anyway, what really matters is that I ran injury-free--and happy, to boot!

I hope the Concepcion brothers can continue to mount fantastic race events like this. This year's Condura Run had 5,274 runners, which is an amazing achievement. I hope our next UNICEF Walk on the Child's Side can have that many participants!

P.S. You can also view the official Condura Run race results here.


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