02 November 2010

Life hanging by a thread

Well, not in a morbid way, but at least in artsy terms.

Saw this in Swiss Miss, and was enamored. Like what Swiss Miss said, it's 'almost poetic how you're supposed to pull on the yarn as time goes by.'

01 November 2010

kate spade every day

If someone gave me the money to buy clothes from just one designer label for my entire life, I'm pretty much sure I'd go with Kate Spade.

But since I don't have that much disposable income to spend on myself nor do I know any crazy, altruistic soul who would fund my shopping spree inside a Kate Spade store, I just have to resort to ogling at Ms. Kate's beautiful designs online.

Since it's free to dream, I can totally see myself in these clothes. The style is so me! (And I realize that a few of the clothes I wear to work are somewhat Kate Spade-ish, but nowhere near as expensive, of course.)

This is what I look like on most days:

And this is the kind of meek, innocent, pa-cute look I subconsciously sport (until a colleague pointed it out to me recently) every time my regional supervisor comes over to Manila and I end up spending 3 hours reporting to him the results of my campaigns:

This is the kind of stuff I like to wear when I'm in the mood to dress up...

... and this is exactly what I look like on Sundays when I'm at my favorite friendly neighborhood Starbucks.
This is the kind of look I wish I'd sport more often...

... and this would be the kind of look I wish I can get away with.

And lastly, this is what I'd still want to be like when I'm in my 40s and beyond. :)

But all is not lost, and I've actually promised to treat myself and not to go Kate Spade-less my entire life. Sooooo... I've gotten myself something and it's coming in December, and it's nothing as grand and as expensive as a $500 ensemble, but it's still super lovely to look at, and I can hardly wait and I'm so excited, so much so that I've written a terribly constructed sentence.

:) :) :)

Don't those excessive emoticons say it all?

Photos are all from kate spade's facebook page.