15 July 2009

another of them wounds

Tonight (Tuesday) was my first boxing session after getting back from Bangkok.

It was tonight that I found out that my new Everlast EverGel glove wraps weren't going to protect me entirely from injuries after all.

Was punching away as usual, and even learnt a new 9-punch combination. Ryan kept saying my punches remained strong even after the previous week of zero boxing, and, buoyed by that compliment, I continued to punch as hard as I could.

When I took off my right glove wrap, I then saw it. There was a small but deep wound just below one knuckle on my right hand. The skin seemed to have been cut open--probably because of the impact again of my knuckles on the hard mitts.

The scary part is realizing that I've been punching away happily, not feeling any pain because the glove wraps cushioned my knucklebones well--but without knowing or feeling it at all, I had gotten a small wound in the process. The wraps, in a way, give a false sense of protection because there's no sensory indicator to warn you that you're about to get wounded.

Lesson learnt? I will still have to bandage my knuckles with tape before I put on the glove wraps and the gloves.


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