04 March 2009

tsokolate, ooh!

Randy's back from his hedonistic one-month vacation in Norway, France and Spain (kainggit) and brought home pasalubong--chocolate! Of course, I have this incredible weakness for chocolate. So whether it's cheap, comforting Goya or the slick-tasting Godiva or my latest craving, Royce, I'm ready to devour anything that's labeled 'chocolate.' =P

Randy gave each of us a good-sized bar of Ikea chocolate, and I immediately snatched up the one and only dark chocolate variant available. Haha. Greedy, little, dark choco-fixated me.

But then I saw how the wrapped chocolate bar looked, and I fell in love with the packaging right away:
Now I don't feel like eating it. It looks so pretty!

Damn Ikea for making chocolates have that designer look as well.

(And speaking of Ikea, the last time I was there, Tintin had to literally drag me away from the bookshelves and chairs sections. Everything looked so yummy. I think she was afraid I'd buy an entire living room showcase and she might end up helping me pay for the excess baggage fee. Haha. Damn Ikea ulit.)


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