16 February 2009

orgasmic icons

No, this isn't a porn blog entry.

I love the icons on my Mac so much that I consider them, erm, orgasmic. A few weeks back, I spent an entire day just surfing for cute desktop icons. Most of the freeware icons I got are from Apple's Downloads section. The best things in life are free!

I now have a collection of fruit icons, cupcake icons, doughtnut icons (obviously, i love food), Lego icons, creature icons, and even a Starbucks coffee cup icon which I promptly used for my personal pics folder. But my absolute favorite set are the Lord of the Rings icons which Ryan allowed me to copy from his own PowerBook G4.

My desktop now looks like this:

If you've noticed, my desktop wallpaper displays the exact time (and also the date). It's called a wallpaper clock, which refreshes every minute to keep the date and time precise. Geeky cool.

Happiness is looking at a snazzy desktop every single day.


  1. Anonymous11:20 AM

    1. Get Candybar. You can change sets of icons at a time, even the trash can icons and folder icons!
    2. My desktop is worse. I have a full system monitor on it -- temperature, virtual memory usage, network status, etc.
    3. babe go to freemacware.com. You'll drown in wonderful mac freebies.

    I miss you!!

    - lia

  2. Omigod, more free mac stuff! Thanks for the tip, dear. Sarap mag-procrastinate and just surf all day sana. Hehe.