15 March 2009

The Delinquent Runner

Yes, I can go by that name too! Haha.

I haven't run since last Tuesday's 11.33K, mainly because of work. Had to catch up on some backlog paperwork now that I can spend more time reading and writing with my new glasses. I was supposed to do a tempo run of 8K on Thursday and an easy-paced 5K on Friday, but I had to give those up. Sigh.

Well, abandoning Friday's 5K wasn't really an excuse, because I went shopping in Rockwell that night. Shame on me. Went with Ryan to check out the Rockwell Urban Bazaar, where my dear friend Neva currently has a booth for her fab Leyende bath & beauty products. I'm such a big fan and believer of Leyende, and it's wonderful to see how the brand has grown since Neva started her business some 3 years ago. I get a little nostalgic, just thinking about a few of those times when the poker group would gather in Neva's place for our usual 20-peso-buy-in games, and Neva would dab a bit of her latest concoction on our arms. Of course, us girls would love testing the products and giving feedback before the final versions go out, but the boys were such a good sport about the whole thing and treated it seriously. Real men use Leyende, and that's that.

Ryan bought his usual favorite, the Norte variant of No Rumple Silk Skin Butter and I was excited about my purchase of Place in the Sun Sunblock. (Will use this in the Condura Run and for summer outings. Hooray!) I've tried and used all Leyende products (except perhaps the Hair's End Shaving Oil) and because I'm such a skincare addict, I love the Leyende stuff to pieces--especially the Mother Butter Cocoa Butter Lotion. Ahh, I feel delicious every time I slather this on.

Okay, back to the bazaar. After Leyende, I went and looked around at the rest of the booths. It was an assault on the senses. Too many beautiful summer dresses and bikinis. I wanted to buy something, but I had to restrain myself. I'm under a tight budget these days.

However, I was wearing killer (literally!) black pumps that night (to go with my skinny jeans)--and I kept complaining to Ryan that I could barely keep up with him as we walked. Death by pencil-thin heels was not as worthy as, say, death by 11K, so I ended up buying a pair of slim Havaianas to give my poor feet a break.

I have such terrible self-control; every time summer kicks in (or even a holiday, for that matter), I have this ugly compulsion to buy a new pair of Havaianas. I have so many pairs that I've actually lost track of the actual count. But my feet were in such agony Friday night that I went inside Moana (the first shop in Power Plant that I saw with a stock of Havaianas) and actually felt justified in buying the pretty blue-and-gold slippers with the peacock design. Hay. Adik.

Dropped by Fully Booked with Ry to browse--but again, I had to restrain myself because I still have a reading backlog that's longer than my arm. My friend was able to buy some reference materials on digital photography, so at least one of us came out of the bookstore completely happy.

Next Friday, I am sticking to the park. The mall is a dangerous, dangerous place.


  1. So much stuff happening out there in The World while I'm sick. I miss the 20 peso buy-in games too.

    You know, now that I'm in a penny-pinching mode, I've actually stopped going to Fully Booked. Like I've stopped stepping in to "browse." Because I never leave without a purchase.

  2. And because it's recession period, let's stick to 20-peso buy-ins pa rin!! haha.

    It hurts to go into Fully Booked these days. I'm perpetually in a cold sweat when I'm in there. I keep reminding myself of my backlog, and that's the only thing preventing me from making a purchase. Ugh.