15 February 2010

Tweedledum and Tweedledee

Heehee. Cute but freaky concept art by Tim Burton. Kind of like the way Quentin Blake illustrates for Roald Dahl.

14 February 2010

spring shopping

I researched online and discovered that when it comes to weather, the month of March can be unpredictable in Countries X, Y & Z where I'm going. So I've decided to bring a variety of coats and jackets with me: my new gray wool coat from Zara, plus some old favorites like my light cotton plaid trench coat, a warm hooded sweatshirt, a white cardigan, a brown suede jacket--and my new black cotton jacket, again from Zara!

I just want to be prepared. I know it's going to be cold over there; it just really depends on the degree of coldness. Will just layer and layer to death until I'm sweating inside my thermal undergarments!

I've put a picture of my new jacket here because I'm so in love with the jacket sleeves. I'm not really a coat kind of girl (as I like to wear small tops and skirts in the office) so I didn't realize how fun it was to shop for thick coats and the like.


I'm still not saying where I'm going! Until like a few days before I fly out. Heehee.

09 February 2010


Yes, I am bursting with amazing news. But it'll have to wait. Like until March, when I'm sure it's proper to tell. Don't want to jinx anything.

(After reading the paragraph above, I realize people might read too much into it and think I'm pregnant. Nope, not that kind of news. Although I'm hoping a friend of mine will have that kind of news in the near future! Right, L?)

Anyway, my news has something to do with this huge work-related and personal event I've been preparing for, for the last couple of weeks, and although it's been tiring "work", I've been brimming with excitement all this time.

Haven't been writing lately, nor boxing. Running--just a little bit, but not enough for me to join races. I feel sad that I missed the Condura Run this year because of work and other pressing matters. Last year's Condura Run was such a joy for me.

Okay. Shit. Useless for me to talk about other things because I can hardly think of anything else except for this "amazing news" of mine.

Well, here's a hint. Bought a nice gray wool coat from Zara a few weeks back. It was on sale, and it's a pretty good deal, if I say so myself. (Besides, I never buy Zara clothes at regular price, anyway.) So...I canNOT wait to use it! =)

Okay, I will stop now. Must wait for March.