03 February 2013

Made With Paper: Florence's Duomo

Sketch by Gina Sales, 2013
This sketch took me two days to finish on the Paper App on iPad, and I consider that hurried enough already. It's very rough, really, and doing all those strokes on the iPad takes some getting use to. At some point, the touch screen wasn't cooperating, and I was thinking, oh my God, this never happens to me when I'm using a real pen!

I've always had this sinking feeling that I didn't learn enough about light during art class (which was more than a decade ago, and these weren't a lot of classes, I tell you)--and so I really did struggle with the lighting here. Thank God I could play around with the gray and black colors of the pen tool, because if I had to do all those strokes using pure black, I would have failed miserably.

I'm still being stingy here and haven't bought yet the pencil and watercolor tools.  So, yeah, pretty heavy treatment on the eyes. But my younger sisters love it and seem to think that my hands do weird magic while I'm slumped on the coach in an apparent state of ennui. The youngest already wants me to make another sketch (insert sigh).

At any rate, I'm so happy that many friends of mine liked it when I posted it on Facebook.  Thanks for the praises, everyone. Your compliments warm the cockles of my heart.