26 December 2009

Dear e-Santa

Can you please give this to me for Christmas? Wandered into Bratpack in Greenbelt 5 yesterday and tried these tan Sanuk Women's Starlet slip-ons. These Sanuks generally look ugly when they're hanging on the shelf, but lo and behold, they look great on my feet!

I'm a size 5 by the way.


This is not the first time I've forgotten to publish a post. This should have been released last December 20.

No wonder I didn't get this for Christmas, harhar.

14 December 2009


My current favorite lotion. It must be the baby scent of buttermilk and coconut that makes me fall asleep at night.

I used to like floral-scented stuff but as I get older, I'm leaning towards skincare products that include vanilla, buttermilk, almond, basmati rice, and coconut scents. Ah, the smell of childhood.