19 March 2009

reasons to worry about The Condura Run

I’m really worried. Last night, I was aiming for a tempo run of 8K, but I had to stop at 3.7K. Ridiculous.

Stress at work, running at a very late hour, perpetually sore and battered legs (not kidding; I tend to hobble these days), slightly throbbing scar, not-so-cushioned running shoes, not enough pre-run energy food—these were all the factors that came to my mind when I stopped running after a measly 3.7K distance. I don’t know exactly which of these factors (could be all of them!) had something to do with my dreadful performance last night, but I sure was depressed. Now I’m seriously evaluating my capacity to run this coming Sunday on the flyover.

I couldn’t walk properly, so I called for a home service masseuse and treated myself to a good massage. The girl who worked on my poor legs and back was really good; I could feel the stress and soreness alleviating, and I actually fell asleep halfway through the treatment.

As I sit and write this short entry, I can’t help but feel really anxious about Sunday’s run. Will I finish it? I’m sure I can. I’ve done 10Ks before, and there’s nothing better than the atmosphere of a race to push one to reach the finish line even if the run was torturous. My worry, really, is my pace. I won’t run hard but I don’t want to be slow either. And I want enough endurance too to actually enjoy the 10K and feel happy every time I reach a kilometer mark, and not think “Oh, God, nasa 6K pa lang ako.”

So my promise to myself, as of yesterday evening, is to rest thoroughly. I feel exhausted these days, and I can’t afford to get sick. So no running in the meantime, as my right knee needs to heal. My next run will be this Sunday’s Condura race—more than a hour’s worth of running around the Serendra/High Street/NBC Tent perimeter, going up the Kalayaan Flyover, down to Buendia, past Makati Avenue, U-turn at Reposo and all the way back to NBC Tent, The Fort.


The route sounds even more daunting, now that I’ve actually described it in words.


  1. hey gina girl! take it easy...

    i don't know if it applies to you too but after telling coach that my legs have been perennially sore and stiff for maybe three weeks, he told me to decrease mileage and speed. to the point that during our intervals last tuesday, he decreased my 1200m to 800m and kept reminding me to slow down during the laps.

    minsan daw we don't give our bodies time to heal. :)

    try also a good, heavy sports massage!

    see you sunday!

  2. - insert nagging words here -

  3. Ry, which nagging words? I know you nag and say "I told you so" about other things. Haha. This is my way of being cryptic. =P

    MCN, thanks for sharing! I was really depressed last night. I felt like I was regressing, not improving. Thought that the soreness was just a typical thing; yun pala my body's been telling me for weeks now that it's simply TIRED and sore all over. Tapos ngarag pa sa work. Hay.

    My massage last night was really great. Almost like a deep tissue sports massage. The masseuse really focused on my legs. I had a lot of tense, sore muscles, and she was unknotting the tension. Sarap. Will have another massage after Condura. =)

    See you Sunday! I'll go slower than usual. Slow and steady at least will still get me to finish line! I'm sure you'll finish well. =)