14 March 2009

Deleting your friends for a Whopper? Have it your way.

You may have heard about this old campaign already, but I find it such a cruel, insanely funny ad that I just have to blog about it.

Burger King's Whopper Sacrifice campaign demands no less than the pain and aggravation of choosing 10 friends to be deleted from your own Facebook account so that you can receive a free Whopper that's worth $3.69, or approximately Php 180. What's even more demented is the fact that these rejected friends will each receive an alert on their respective Facebook accounts that they have been deleted.

I have to admit it's a brilliant online marketing campaign. Brilliant but mad. I can't imagine deleting 10 people from my account--not because I'm too nice (hahaha) but I find it such a HASSLE to go through my list of friends and decide who's going to be banished--just for a friggin burger that's not even totally expensive to begin with. (But if we're talking about a year's supply of grande-sized Starbucks coffee drinks, I might just rethink my principles. Hahaha.)

Naturally, Facebook wasn't happy about the whole thing, so in the end, Burger King had to sacrifice the campaign.


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