03 March 2009

Week 2 Training: Easy Run

I know I should be resting my eyes, but I'm still feeling a little energized from tonight's 5K practice run and am very much wide awake.

As much as possible, I'm still trying to stick to the SmartCoach program that Runner's World customized for me. If I feel that the mileage is too much, I can always decrease the number of kilometers that are asked of me in a particular week. Last week was Week 1 of my little training in preparation for the Condura Run, and I completed 11 miles (18K) out of the required 16 miles (25K)--but I have an excuse. Haha. Because of the eye infection I contracted last Thursday, I had to skip Friday's 3.2K easy run. And then last Sunday, I joined the Botak 5K race with one good eye, so I don't think it was possible for me to do an 11.2K long run on that same day.

Will see how Week 2 goes. Tonight was supposed to be an easy run of 3.2K but that distance isn't challenging anymore (naks), so I ran 5.11K instead. Anyway, it's usually on the 3rd kilometer that I'm really warmed up and ready to run some more, so why not go the extra distance, right? What I find really encouraging is how my body seems to be telling me these days that it can endure longer runs now (I did an 8K last Thursday without much pain; my past 10K runs left me really gasping for breath). The increase in my pace isn't dramatic but I keep telling myself not to rush and be impatient. Baby steps, Gina!! Er, or maybe more of baby strides in this case.

Thursday's program involves speedwork training--and I have this gut feeling that I'll fail miserably at this. I don't get to do a lot of speedy running in my practices, so this is something I really need to improve on.

P.S. After 3 months, my Nike Zoom Limitless+ running shoes have turned into a dustier, dirtier shade of blue and white. And I love how this pair looks so used. But I also need to consider having another pair of running shoes--one with more cushioning. I'm beginning to feel slightly battered in the ankle area. I think that when I run, my ankles seem to experience most of the impact, and that's not good. I tried on the latest New Balance 1224s and they felt really nice--as if my feet were cushioned protectively by some gel-like substance at the bottom of the shoes. It all feels expensive to me. Haha. But will see in the next few weeks if I can indeed afford to buy a new pair.


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