01 February 2009

So what's your resolution?

Sent this in an email to my officemates last January 13. Hopefully, I'll stick to completing this list by the end of the year. I swear, there's something so satisfying about having a list of goals to accomplish.

What can I say? I'm a list freak.

Dear Friends,

Before leaving the office tonight, I decided to take out my little Moleskine notebook and finally put into writing that much-abused, much-dreaded, and ignored-as-much-as-possible list.


In other words, my list of New Year's Resolutions. It's a bit corny and trite, but I think writing down my resolutions for 2009 helps put things in perspective and gets me excited (at least for now). And I realize, if one is going to accomplish a list of New Year's resolutions, these things have to have the following characteristics:
1. must be very exact (read: not as vague as "lose weight")
2. must be realistic (para naman may wonderful sense of accomplishment)
3. must be fun to accomplish!

As you can see, I've had too much coffee, and I'm very much awake, but the caffeine is keeping me all shiny and happy and positive. O diba, para na rin ako nagsulat ng blog entry (which I haven't done in years, and my blog is sadly abandoned and floating somewhere in cyberspace)

I'm sharing my list---and hopefully, one of these days, you can share me yours as well (so that we can check on each other during the year??? harhar)


1. Clean office desk and work area. (This is something I'm really excited about. If I can get my hands on the office paper shredder, this task gets even better.)
2. Maintain weight of at least 95 pounds and below. (O diba, something exact and realistic and fun to accomplish!)
3. Complete my audio French 1 lessons ("Poo-voh-noo noo-sahsz-swa doo-wah?"). So that I can finally move on to Intermediate French after all these years of learning to speak basic French during sporadic fits of diligence. Good God, nakakahiya.
4. Shorten my reading backlog!!!!
5. Buy any or all of the following this year:
- simpler mobile phone unit
- portable external hard drive for my Mac
- point-and-shoot (Maybe a Canon Ixus? At some point in my life, I have to start toting my own little camera instead of asking for copies of those Kodak moments from other people. Basta ganun.)
- keyboard protector for my Mac (to avoid crying over spilt coffee--er, milk--in the future)
6. Regular check-ups with the ob gyne and dentist. For a healthier new me. Anlupeht.
7. Do not sweat the small stuff. I will not kill myself over the things that are not worth worrying about. The Lord will always provide.
8. Get the latest edition of 1001 Books You Must Read Before You Die. And then, from that list of 1001 books, do the following:
- count how many I've read
- identify and enumerate the books I haven't read and REALLY NEED to read before I die
9. Be guided by the Donor Communication Plan--even if it's a running plan.

I didn't put "fall in love" or "be nicer to the people I don't like" in this list. Because unlike getting an A in a history test, you can't force these things to happen. Hahaha. =P

1:33 am
Time remaining for Rakrakan DVD burning process to be completed: 4 hours & 21 minutes (I will not sweat the small stuff, I will not sweat the small stuff)

Well, as of today, I've managed to complete Resolution #1. Meet my shiny, newly-cleaned desk:

I am SO proud. A few months' back, that desk looked like a rat hole. And the way the books used to be piled up on the table was such a deplorable sight.

For someone who works at her desk 10-12 hours a weekday, that table has to contain all the creature comforts that will make the job more enjoyable. In my case, it's a tiny corner of books, a 1997 Manuel Baldemor painting, my Mac and Moleskine notebook which are with me everywhere I go, my daily after-lunch grande cup of Starbucks Coffee, and a nice bottle of wine (which is currently the recipient of many greedy looks from my male officemates).

I have big plans for that bottle of wine. There's this scenario in my head: in case of a major earthquake, and I happen to be stuck in the office, that bottle of wine will keep me alive for days--and weeks perhaps--while I wait to be extracted from the rubble.

Provided that the bottle doesn't shatter of course when the earthquake occurs.

Resolution #2: Working on this. I currently weigh 96 pounds and I need to bring it down to 95 or less. Of course, I get the usual withering looks and rolling-of-eyes from friends and officemates who think I'm being anorexic because of such "unnecessary" weight obsession--but if you have reached 110 pounds (and I DID look fat at 110 pounds, I SWEAR), you would NEVER want to return to that kind of weight status again. Just to let you know, my height is 5'0", so 110 pounds isn't exactly proportional to that height.

Resolution #8: I bought a copy of the book, but I haven't gotten around to identifying which books to read.

Resolution #5b: The geek in me is so excited to buy a portable HD for Carlos (that's the name of my Mac; I named him after the guy in Senco Link who does an excellent job in repairing and upgrading my Mac). Senco has really good service, by the way. Highly recommended Mac service provider.

So anyway, back to the thrilling notion of purchasing a portable back-up drive: upon the recommendation of the IT guys in my office, I have decided to get a Western Digital My Passport Studio 320GB Portable Hard Drive.

My God, doesn't it absolutely make you pant in desire?

Alas, the price of a 500GB model of WD My Passport Studio is too steep for me, so I will just settle for the 320GB option (approximately Php 7,600--not altogether bad!). I prefer this to the Seagate Free Agent Go 500GB, which doesn't have a FireWire port. Yup, WD My Passport Studio is the way to go.


  1. let's make it an even dozen...

    10. Make a list of praises for my friend Ryan.
    11. Get a perm.
    12. Learn the art of cryptic writing :)

  2. On #10: Yeah, i ought to write "Ode to Ryan" one of these days. =P Or how about the "The Lay of Ryan?" Sounds more lyrical. =P

    On #11: Soon! Soon!

    On #12: What a challenge. I tend to blab about even the most mundane stuff in detail.