08 February 2009

Ran tonight with A in Legaspi Park. I was excited to run because I wanted to burn the calories gained from eating that yummy hot fudge sundae at my goddaughter Ashley's 1st birthday party this afternoon. Haha. Good thing I could only finish half of that evil, evil sundae.

I was able to run 31 minutes non-stop, and although I have no idea about my exact pace, I've estimated (conservatively) that I covered more than 4K.

This time, I didn't forget to bring my Belkin Sport Armband Plus. I use it sometimes when I do practice runs. It's actually pretty helpful, if you don't want your iPod touch bouncing inside your pocket. However, it looks better on men, to be honest, because it's just the right fit for them. When I put the sport armband on, it looks like some large, alien contraption that covers almost half of my arm.

Although it may look large, it's convenient and pretty weightless (Belkin comes up with the most amazing quality accessories) and helps me feel light on my feet. I just don't use it on race days since it's so attention-getting, and I don't want to look like some newbie runner with a lot of gadgets on her.

Anyway, on to other things. I just finished packing for my 4-day UNICEF site visit to Camarines Norte. I'm pretty psyched about this field mission, and I hope I get to pick up a lot of valuable insights and stories on our early childhood care and development (ECCD) programs. I intend to bring the office camera as well to do some photo documentation, although I wouldn't consider myself as a good photographer. I just literally point and shoot, period.

But aside from the mission proper, I hope to squeeze in a little running in the evenings while we're based in Daet. I have no idea if the small hotel we're staying in has a gym (and I wouldn't even expect them to have one at all), but I hope I'll be able to find a place there that's conducive to running.


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