21 February 2009

the upcoming Condura Run

You know you're already a running addict if you're mentally preparing for a race the next day--and scheduling your next weekend races as well.

This evening, I checked out the site of The Condura Run, which is happening on March 22. It looks incredibly exciting and seems to be the first premier race event for this year. The event is well-sponsored, with lots of freebies and discounts, and the organizers have a line-up of activities for runners and families alike. Very child-friendly! Not to mention environment-friendly, because it's actually a fundraiser for the protection of whale sharks and promoting responsible eco-tourism in Donsol. (The fundraiser in me is wondering about the race's production costs and the net fundraising goal.)

Check out their home page, which even has a cute countdown timer:

The longest race distance offered here is 21K, a half-marathon. And the best part is, the runners get to go up the Skyway. Woohoo! I am so envious!! Someday I'm gonna get to 21K runner status. First, I need to improve my 5K. Then do better in my 10K endurance (hopefully without my scar troubling me). And work my way up to 15K and 21K. And then, and then...42K! A real marathon! (I just had a small cup of caramel macchiato, so I'm all excited and uber caffeinated here.)

As I was telling Makes Coffee Nervous earlier, it's nice to have new goals. Boxing's cool and all but I didn't have any exact goals there. I just wanted to punch stronger and lose weight. With running, I have race distances to aspire for and paces to improve. God willing, I'll continue to be healthy and keep on running for years to come.

This upcoming Condura Run has a delicious 10K route and I am soooo tempted to run that distance. No Skyway here but at least the 10K runners get to go up the Kalayaan Flyover! My pace will probably be in the 7- or 8-minute range here, but it's not every race day that you get to run the length of a flyover. This is really something to look forward to.


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