14 February 2009

from my officemates, with love

I have very sweet officemates. Work indeed becomes easier if you have great rapport with the people you see everyday.

While I generally like most of the people in the office, I am close to a selected few (naks). They are my friends, my ka-chika, and--because I think every person in UNICEF is incredibly talented and dedicated in his/her own way in our work for children--they are a source of inspiration to me.

Naturally, it also feels good to be at the receiving end of praise. I shared my blog with these close colleagues of mine, and some of them wrote back (via the office email, haha) to say that they like this little blog. *blush blush*

Writing is not an easy process, and it can be pretty frustrating at times. And even if I think that some of my writing is just mindless drivel, it feels nice to know that others appreciate the random stuff I put in here.
From Marge: gins, why am i checking mail on a sunday at 3am? i dont know either. i love your blog. here's mine. margeee.blogspot.com. love you!

From Tin: Thanks for sharing this, Gins! Really good writing! It makes me want to return to writing myself.

From Cecil: interesting blog gins. my running playlist in my nano is simply called "run". hehehe. i am such a dork. (Cecilia Masagca, I'm grateful to you because you got me into running. And you are definitely no dork when you run. Hope you run a 15K race very soon!)

From Reggie: oist. i read your blog. i loved it haha. you are an amazing, creative writer. true talent comes in raw form--not from some overzealous editor! galing. keep writing, keep rocking!!!

Thank you for the encouraging words, you guys! =) And please feel free to post comments and, er, violent reactions any time.


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