14 December 2009


My current favorite lotion. It must be the baby scent of buttermilk and coconut that makes me fall asleep at night.

I used to like floral-scented stuff but as I get older, I'm leaning towards skincare products that include vanilla, buttermilk, almond, basmati rice, and coconut scents. Ah, the smell of childhood.


  1. Marge3:49 PM

    im reading your blog bwahahahaha. stalker! what does the kick galvanic mean??

  2. mmmm... sounds yummy! will try! my favorite lotion scent is that of hawaiian tropic but kadirs naman to use it daily. and it's teeming with paraben too, sadly.

    i'll try this, gins! i love love baby scents. :)

  3. Margie! Thanks for reading my small blog! Stalk as much as you want, hehe. Re the term "kick galvanic"...hmm, I never bothered to explain that. Maybe I should make a post about it. =)

    Lara, I super miss you! How's your business doing? You seem incredibly busy these days. i want to buy a skirt one of these days! You've got some lovely stuff on your multiply site.

    Hawaiian Tropic? Beach girl ka talaga. Hope you'll like Burt's Bees Buttermilk. It's almost 99% natural. No sodium lauryl sulfate, phenoxyethanol and dimethicone! (Haha, I'm obsessed now with reading skincare product labels, and I avoid as much as possible those that contain those 3chemicals) My friend Neva also has a line of natural and organic skincare products which are the skin-friendliest products ever. www.leyende.com =)

  4. Hay naku! Label-reading is also an obsession of mine. Ang nakakatakot is before all this, we've been using so many toiletries with a lot of bad stuff in it. Sometimes tuloy I wonder if I should just relax about it. I don't really want to live to a hundred anyway. Haha. :)

    Oh I saw some Leyende stuff at this organic stuff kiosk. Sige will try some soon.

    I got a trial size Apricot Baby Oil (I think that's what its name is) instead of the Buttermilk Lotion. I think it's too thick for me. I'm really a body oil girl. But yeah, hooray for Burt's Bees talaga! :)

    Re the business, good naman. Will put out more stuff for the summer. :) Doing more mto nowadays. Our house is a tailoring shop na. Haha.

  5. Try Leyende! You won't regret it! =)

    Aw shucks, yeah, the buttermilk is pretty thick. But it suits my dry skin kasi.

    I hope to buy one of your skirts, if you have new designs coming up sometime soon. They're really pretty, the ones i saw in your multiply site. I have a cocktail/day dress that has that same kind of skirt cut, and i love wearing it. Too bad I can't wear it everyday, haha, so I want skirts just like it!

  6. Can't wait for your summer stuff! =)