18 February 2009

to spit or not to spit

I did a most unladylike thing tonight. I spat on the ground while going through my training run.

As a newbie in running, I could never fathom the very idea of spitting. The Maria Clara in me could not, would not dare show the running public my own spittle. In my first two runs last October, I remember cringing as male runners in front of me would spit now and then, like it was the most natural thing to do in the world.

But as I ran at a moderate pace tonight, I could feel a little pool of thick saliva forming inside my mouth--and I couldn't, for some reason, swallow it down easily. I was afraid I'd choke on my own spit, and because that was such a humiliating possibility, I finally gave up and crossed over to the dark side.

I let loose a large glob of saliva from my mouth on the side of the running path, and watched in morbid fascination as it landed silently on the soft grass (and probably caused the drowning of an ant or two in the process).

I was thinking to myself, wow, in fairness, my spit has a nice trajectory. I must be a natural at this!

I ended up spitting three more times before completing a 34-minute 5K+ run tonight. Little Miss Prissy has now been replaced by Little Miss Spitty.

Hope it's not habit-forming though.


  1. gina!!! hahaha! how could you? i think the last two spits, you were already showing off!

  2. That night was a weird one. It was excess-saliva night. Hahaha.

    I still refuse to spit on race day, of course. Nakakahiya!! =P

  3. Anonymous11:22 AM

    I miss you! I love how you write! So nice to hear about your adventures. You've inspired me, maybe I'll start a blog too!! :) - lia

  4. Sweetie, i miss you a lot. Thanks for reading! I love how you write kaya. I used to read your livejournal stuff.

    I'm seriously examining my sked this year, and hoping to visit you sometime in the fall. Would that be an okay time for you? I just need to fix my visa first. And I'm dreaming of running in Central Park! Haha.