07 February 2009

back to running

In a manner so typical of A, he showed up at my place this evening and asked me, last minute, to prepare my things and run with him. Because I boxed already this morning and I had just recovered from a bout of sickness, I didn't want to run at first. After all, I promised not to push myself too hard.

Well, that resolve lasted for a total of two minutes.

My last run was weeks ago, and I was raring to run again. So I hurriedly got dressed and prepared my things--and in my haste, I even forgot my watch and the thin rubber Belkin skin that I use for my iPod touch when running.

Twenty minutes later, we were in Legaspi Park, and I was semi-bouncing in delight because the air was so cool, there were just a few people running / jogging / walking, and it just seemed like a great evening for running!

To take it easy, I only had a 25-minute run/jog. It was relaxing, just whooshing past benches and people at a regular, easy pace. No hard running here. After a 3-week hiatus from this sport, I felt it best to simply condition my body again to running in a gradual manner. Tomorrow, I will run for 25-30 minutes and see how it goes.


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