04 February 2009

not so "Alive!"

I knew it. I knew I'd get sick.

Stuck at home right now with a slight fever and aching bones. I get anxious, just thinking of the workload I've left behind in the office. (As a disclaimer, I'm not the only workaholic in UNICEF. A lot more of my colleagues are worse, with more than 60 unused leaves to their name. I'm in the 40+ range in terms of unused leaves, and I haven't even managed to come up with a leave plan for the year. It's so stressful.)

Because I'm such a delinquent when it comes to taking vitamins and supplements, I don't have a very good immune system. If someone I'm with has a cough or cold, I'm 95% likely to get it as well. I'm prone to fever and I feel fatigued a lot (but the latter I can attribute to lack of sleep). It's actually a miracle that I haven't collapsed during a boxing session or a run.

So when my officemate Winston was urging me (oh well, alright, "selling to me" would be the more exact term) to take Alive! Mega-Nutrionals Whole Food Energizer, I was intrigued. I need meds that would boost my immune system and keep me energized. As much as I love, love, love coffee, I also have to have a healthier alternative to staying, erm, alive and sprightly enough for my sports activities.

These energy supplements, which are produced by Nature's Way in the U.S. and distributed locally by AIM Global, contain this mega-impressive list of vitamins and minerals and what-not blends: green food/spirulina, digestive enzyme, myco defense mushroom, garden veggies, etc. Golly gee, each capsule must be a meal in itself!

Winston, who has the natural charisma and tactics of a true salesman, was able to secure a sale from me. So I got meself a box of 30 capsules, which wasn't exactly cheap by the way (Php 1,125 per box, or Php 37.50 per capsule a day). It better work. Oh, the price of staying Alive! (okay, bad joke)

To his credit, Winston vigorously attests to the health benefits of taking these supplements, as he was cured from five of his ailments. Moreover, the doctors in our office have given their seal of approval on this product (Doc Marths even bought 3 boxes), so there's no harm in trying. Besides, Alive! might actually give me that extra boost when running. And they're not steroids, ha!!

I'll start taking the meds this month, and will observe for any signs of progress.

I couldn't help but laugh though at the site's blurb on Alive!:
Alive Mega-nutritionals is the God of all supplements - The World’s First Whole food energizer and dietary supplement - The Most Nutritionally Dense Food Concentrate in the world market today. - The Most number of Anti-oxidants with approximately 16,000 Phytonutrients in one product - The Most potent Anti-aging Product in the history of supplementation. - The First Mega-Nutritionals whose ingredients work in “synergy” to produce maximum result for your body.


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