25 March 2009

weighty matters

I haven't done any practice running since last Sunday's Condura race. My body still feels slightly beaten up, and it's funny how the simple act of climbing up and down the stairs can be such a Herculean struggle for me. My sore legs have been silently screaming in pain.

But I miss running already--and it's only been three whole days! Hopefully I can start again this weekend. Just some maintenance runs, as I'm not joining any race soon.

And speaking of maintenance, I've been checking my weight regularly, as I am wont to do. In fact, I weigh myself everyday. There's a weighing scale in my cubicle area, and everyday, I insist on stepping onto that scale and facing the truth head-on. And much to their chagrin, my teammates find themselves following my obsessive- compulsive daily habit and doing some weight monitoring as well. The scale has become slightly dirty already because it's now becoming the "timbangan ng bayan", with colleagues from the other sections/departments stopping by my area to check their weight (and some don't even bother to remove their shoes).

Anyway. I'm now at 96 lbs. Normally, I would have been worried going over my self-imposed 95-lb. mark. But people have been telling me these days that I look too thin for my own good, and I have to say that I quite agree with them. My face looks way thinner now, like I've taken a fistful of Bangkok pills or something.

It's not my fault, people! I don't even starve myself. I'm just thin. Not bombshell-with-killer-abs thin. More of stick thin. Or waifish thin--which sounds like a prettier term. I don't like dieting or depriving myself of the good stuff--although I know how to nip unreasonable cravings in the bud (like lechon in the middle of the night, for example).

But because I look unhealthily thin lately (probably because of the regular running and the work-related stress), I've been allowing myself some nice treats after the Condura Run. Here's a run-down:

two doughnuts
McDonald's Monster Coke Light Float (the best thing ever)
stolen piece of Stuffins from my younger sister's stash
sizzling pork sisig from Aling Lucing

Starbucks coffee
McDonald's cheeseburger meal with a Monster Coke Light Float

a few snack-size chocolates
Starbucks coffee
Hershey's Chillz Shake from Mini Stop

2 Reese's peanut butter cups (at 10 am!!)
my lunch at Mexicali: jalapeno & cheese quesadilla, cup of shrimp bisque soup, and a side order of nachos & salsa (All of that was mine, and mine alone. Okay, so maybe Randy took like 4 nacho chips, tops.)
Starbucks coffee
cream cheese on choco-chip bagel w/ peach & lychee fruit shake

All those carbs and an entire food group called chocolate. And I'm still at 96! And, my face isn't getting any fatter. I know I shouldn't complain, because I have what most people would call a happy problem. But I hate looking like I'm on a 5-crackers-a-day diet when I've been stuffing myself silly all this time.

Maybe I should go on a pork binge. Hmmmmm.


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