21 June 2009

Where do I want to go today?

Okay, that's such a Microsoft thing to say, but I just love how Apple's new Safari 4 browser epitomizes that slogan.

Last weekend saw me fussing over my Safari Top Sites page (see above screenshot) for a good 30 minutes, deciding which pages I most frequent and therefore deserve to be on that Big Brother-like display. Ah, the simple technological joys in life.

So aside from the ubiquitous Facebook, I always check out iTunes Movie Trailers, The Guardian's Books section, The New York Times' book reviews page as well, Runner's World, Starbucks Coffee's global site (!), GMA News for current local events, and, er, UNICEF webmail (because I have this ugly compulsion to check office email even during the weekends).

Oh, the places I go!


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