13 June 2009

hope for my knuckles

Where oh where have you been all my life?

I've been cardioboxing for almost two years already and this is the first time I'm seeing these knuckle guards. I am so ignorant.

I literally can't wait to get my hands on these things. Got two new minor knuckle wounds on my right hand in last Wednesday's session, and they weren't obviously pretty to look at. (Three of my officemates actually grimaced at the sight of my knuckes.)

I was punching as hard as I could (as usual) that Wednesday evening, and then when Ryan took off my wraps, I was honestly surprised to see the new wounds. Before I wore my gloves that session, I put band-aid, plaster tape, sponge padding, and then the wraps on both hands to protect myself from more injuries. And I still ended up with brand new ones.

I told Ryan that I was either
a) abnormally thin-skinned, in spite of all the layers of protection
b) in need of new gloves (my theory was that my old gloves are so used, they're not protecting me enough anymore)
c) punching harder and harder, hence the consistent appearance of knuckle wounds

Ryan solemnly answered 'c'--and then doused my wounded hand with alcohol.

Will have to check R.O.X. and Toby's to see how much these knuckle guards cost. As I am such a Scrooge these days, I've been monitoring my expenses, and I don't spend as often as I did before. Am supposed to go for a pedicure this weekend but if the knuckle guards are reasonably-priced and available, then my feet can wait.

It's a toss-up between ugly knuckles and ugly toenails.


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