27 June 2009

UNICEF Philippines goes Web 2.0--soon!

Spent some few after-office hours creating a Facebook page for UNICEF Philippines upon the request of Marge, who asked for my help.

The page is still in the raw stages, as I'm just playing around with some features. Nothing spectacular about the whole thing, but I did want to create some customized boxes--so I had to review what little I remember of HTML (argh) and read up on Facebook Markup Language, or FBML (double argh). I can never be a programmer.

It's about time that our office started advocating using non-traditional media. Marge wanted to get our messages out there to a broader and younger audience, and Tintin and I have always been on the lookout for ways to expand our donor base. So hopefully, when we're satisfied with the page, we'll publish it soon. Crossing my fingers here!

Of course, I can't seem to find a lot of time to fix the page as I am going crazy with my direct mail campaigns for this year. The plan is to roll out 4 newsletters, 4 house appeals, 1 telemarketing campaign, and some really nice DM stuff for pledge donors. Good news is, the entire team is on track in reaching our target this year. And I'm so happy to note that as of June 25, I've raised 20 million pesos out of my targeted 51 million.

Twenty million for children! This may be small for some countries and donor governments, but nevertheless, I'm ecstatic about raising that amount. God willing, I'll reach the target this year.


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