14 June 2009

29 going on 30

I turned 29 this month.

Usually, I hibernate on my birthday. I've never been much of a birthday party person, believe it or not, and I'd rather spend my special day (and hard-earned cash) by going to the bookstore alone and going on an utterly self-justified book shopping spree. It's my own version of an exciting birthday bash.

This year's celebration was different from the previous ones. I was--still am--depressed about turning 29, which is basically a year away from that dreadful number, 30. ( I've always been sure that when I reach 30, life will be downhill from there.) So to avoid manic depression on my 29th year and momentarily forget the horrific fact that I was getting old, I decided to celebrate with friends and drink myself into a stupor.

The nice thing about having a birthday in June is that I have other office mates who have the same birthday month. Here's a picture of us blowing a chocolate cake--which was free (!!!) and courtesy of the staff of Filling Station, who were, strangely enough, really delighted with our group.

With the exception of Jenny (who had other reasons to celebrate), us girls in the pic are June babies. Next birthday, I would have to throw a major party. Just to stave off the incredible depression of turning 30.


  1. gina... happy belated birthday! and don't worry... it won't be downhill from 30. best times of your life, after 30! you're young enough to act silly and old enough not to mind what other people think. :)

  2. Hi, dear! Thanks again for the greeting! And thanks for that comforting thought. Here's hoping that being a thirty-something next year will indeed lead to much better times. =) =)