13 June 2009

Had a severe stomach ache yesterday. It must have been something I ate on Thursday evening. The only stuff I had then were beef mami noodles, oatmeal cookies and a latte frappe. I can't determine which one was the nasty cause.

Friday, at 4am, I started having stomach pains and, er, gastro-intestinal disturbances. In other words, a so-not-sexy case of diarrhea.

I couldn't have any coffee or ice cream or a milkshake. It was a miserable and low point in my life.

In spite of my condition, I managed to go around Greenbelt 5 a bit and did some browsing at the new Fully Booked branch. I also found myself staring wistfully at the display of Nama chocolates at the Royce' Chocolates booth at the ground floor of Greenbelt 5. It was only when my stomach cramps started kicking again into high gear that I had to peel myself away from the display and hurry into the nearest restroom, so that I could yowl in pain in the privacy of a toilet cubicle.

Friday late afternoon and evening saw me resting at home, really exhausted from all that stomach pain crap. The diarrhea wasn't so bad; it was the stomach ache that was causing me much inconvenience. I was tired from doubling over in pain and screaming; it was like having menstrual cramps times 10.

I had this vision of this hairy, yellow-colored bacteria (why yellow?) wreaking havoc inside my stomach and refusing to go out in spite of all the liters of water and fruit juice I was drinking and the many visits to the bathroom. I'm not even sure if my vision was scientifically correct.

Anyway. Still at home resting, even though the stomach pain is very minimal. I feel sad I can't box today because I have to be completely well. Monday would be a better option. Running isn't a current option altogether, because all that bouncing about might trigger another bout of turbulent gastro-intestinal attacks. Hay.


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