30 January 2006

a so-so year for me

Kung Hei Fat Choi! Kung His Hsin Nien bing Chu Shen Tan! Wong Kar Wai!

Okay, that's all the Chinese I know (and the last one isn't even a Chinese greeting). I know I should be showing a picture of tikoy or a Chinese dragon or the bleeding remains of a person's finger blown to bits by firecrackers--but aren't fortune cookies cuter?

Since it's the Chinese New Year and all, I decided to check out my horoscope just for the fun of it (even though I really think horoscopes are a bunch of generic forecasts recycled every week). Here's the verdict for me, the Monkey:

More travel prospects await monkeys this year, thus, "the more they travel, the more they will gain." A job promotion or a change in career or business is also possible. Lucky industries or professions for monkeys include immigration, travel, trading, transportation, logistics, shipping, hotel, sales, education, publishing, art, law, accountancy, medicine, social affairs, and public relations. Money luck is optimistic. Monkeys should keep away from sharp objects and should avoid going to funerals and wakes. Not a romantic year for monkeys.

Oh. Well, definitely I'll be traveling to Cebu this February for work. And all I'm gaining, I think, is a great deal of stress. At least I'm still lucky in the workplace. And even if I resign from my current position as a PR manager and work as a taxi driver in the transportation industry, I'm still in luck. Hooray!

But I guess I should stay away from knives and pencils. And to make sure that my boyfriend isn't slacking off in the romance department.


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