18 January 2006

goats will save the world

I am seriously considering giving goats to Rwandan families. It seems like a worthwhile endeavor. And The Hunger Site makes such a compelling plea for this cause. I also like the idea of providing school lunch kits to the children of Eritrea. But maybe when I have extra money already. I'm somewhat poor right now because of expenses incurred last holiday season.

Mental note: Must allot more money for these causes. (If I weren't such a spendthrift on books, I'd have more money in the bank).

I love The Hunger Site, which I first heard of back in college from a good friend. It wouldn't hurt to click on the donation button once a day. It's free, people. So click away!

Just got home after a quick stop at Powerbooks. Okay, maybe not that quick a stop. Powerbooks is on sale (20% off on most books) until January 31. And I was, like, fuck, I gotta buy something. The thing is, Powerbooks holds sales practically every month so it's not like I'm missing a big event if I don't buy something during this January sale.

But as I am incurably addicted to books and book shopping (a 'gentle madness,' as author Nicholas Basbanes puts it), I really couldn't help buying a book earlier this evening. Just one, I told myself, because I can't afford to splurge at this point.

Bought myself a copy of Palace Walk by Naguib Mahfouz, winner of the 1988 Nobel Prize in Literature. It's the first book of Mahfouz's famous Cairo Trilogy, and I'm eager to read it. One more book to add to my reading list.


  1. i LOVE the Hunger Site bracelet! =)

  2. You should. I gave it to you. Haha.

    For each bracelet purchased, an extra 10 cups of food goes to refugees in Darfur. A set of five bracelets only costs USD5.00 or roughly Php265.00, and that's the equivalent already of 50 cups of food! Isn't that wonderful? :o)

    The bracelets are cheap lang. I hope more people can support the Hunger Site. :o)