16 January 2006

a hundred books....oh lordy

Powerbooks launched a contest last month, offering a grand prize of 100 books (shucks, a hundred books!), which the winner can select from the store's range of book offerings. Every purchase amounting to Php 1,000 entitles one to a raffle coupon. So you can just imagine the flurry that I went through into purchasing a good number of books so that I could get meself some coupons. At least that would increase my chances of winning, right?

A few minutes after I've dropped three raffle coupons into the contest raffle box at the store's customer service area, this precocious boy with thick glasses came and dropped in, like, five coupons. Man, oh man. Seeing him sort of deflated my geeky hopes of winning a hundred books, which are a most welcome addition to my bookshelves.

Of course, I've never been lucky in winning contests of this sort. (Although recently, I DID win a book in a Fully Booked online trivia contest. It must be God's consolation prize for me. But that's another story.) And since the draw date is over and no one from Powerbooks has called me, I obviously didn't win. I just hope the grand prize didn't go to some loser who considers Dan Brown's books as the pinnacle of literary excellence. Or someone who's into sappy, overrated authors like Paulo Coelho and Mitch Albom.

Because that would really suck.


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