22 January 2006

Et tu, Brute?

I sent this fuming message to friends via SMS last night:

Have you seen the trailer of Da Vinci Code?? Excuse my french but...PUTANGINAAA!! I’ve known for ages that Tom Hanks and Audrey Tautou were starring in it. But I just found out only now that Jean Reno’s there too? And Alfred Molina? AND SIR IAN MCKELLEN?! Even Paul Bettany, who plays the albino Silas (just because he has a really fair complexion...!) I feel so betrayed somehow . I usually prefer the book over the movie adaptation but now...the movie had better be damn good! In fact, it SHOULD be better than that blasted book, because the Hollywood actors there are among the few ones whom I like! After watching the trailer on the pc, I just burst into tears. Stupid fucking dan brown and his da vinci code.

Oh the crumminess of it all.


  1. so are you going to see the movie or not? *evil grin*

  2. Do I have much of a choice? Ian McKellen's one of my favorite actors and I totally love him in Richard III and in Gods and Monsters. I hope he shines in this stupid Leigh Teabing role and gives it more depth.

    My friend Danna and my little sister have offered to watch with me and sit through the whole painful affair. I call that love--because they're not fond of Dan Brown either.

  3. im only looking forward to seein Audrey Tautou. she's no Sophie Marceau but she'll do. the hell with the old thespian actors. LOL