16 January 2006


Got an email from Fully Booked at the start of the year informing me that I'm one of the winners in their recently held Booked the Halls contest during the Christmas holidays. Sort of like 12-winners-for-each-of-the-12-days-of-Christmas kind of thing.

The contest was no biggie; the questions were so easy I had to laugh. Not that I'm complaining. I've never won a book in a trivia contest before! (Believe me, this kind of stuff is exciting for someone whose main thrill is to spend a big chunk of her salary on books and gourmet coffee.)

Anyway, I got to choose from a list of books that the Fully Booked staff sent me. There weren't that many nice ones to select from. It mostly featured cookbooks and chick lit--ugh. Fortunately, Misfortune by Wesley Stace was on the list, and it's a book that I've been planning to buy anyway. So...yay! The only thing better than a free book is a free book that one really wants.

Misfortune seems to be a promising debut novel by the author, who's already established a good reputation as a musician under the name John Wesley Harding. More on the book later as soon as I read it. For now, I'm just happy enough to pick it up from the bookstore and add it to my shelf.


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