25 July 2009

Run For Home race results

Yeah!! Now that I can slightly breathe from last week's hectic work routine, am posting now my results from this race. Modest running performance. I've definitely had better runs than this. But the results are okay, considering that (a) I had not run in weeks; (b) I only had one practice run before this race AND got sick afterwards; and (c) my last race was the Microsoft IE8 Run on May 31.

So...not altogether bad!

This whole chip technology was great! Totally enjoyed poring over my run stats and seeing both the good and the bad in my performance.

My favorite piece of info? "For the record, you were ahead of about 59% of male finishers." Woot woot! Man, that's good enough for me. =)

Overall, the Run For Home race was nicely done and well-organized. The race packs were slick-looking and the singlet comfy enough, although I would have expected a better singlet design, considering it was such a huge event held by Globe and AyalaLand.

I wasn't too happy though about the long lines for the free water at the finish line; I was uber thirsty while waiting in line and my first thought was, "I ran only 5k but I'm thirsty and I'm forced to wait this long for water. What about the 10k and 21k runners?" I mean they have their hydration packs and all, but nothing beats getting free bottles of refreshingly cold water and sports drinks at the end of a race.

Don't know yet what's my next race, but I'm considering 10k.


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