04 July 2009

happier fists

Just a quick update on my new Everlast EverGel glove wraps.

Of course, when Ryan saw them, he snickered, examined the pair with a doubtful look on his face, and predicted that my movements may be somewhat hampered by these gloves. I said to him that my punches would probably be not as quick as first, but I'd prefer to have injury-free boxing sessions and not wince every time my knuckles hit the mitts.

The gloves worked perfectly. I could hit as hard as I want without worrying about beating up my fists and seeing a bloody mess later on. The downside to wearing the gel-cushioned wraps is this: since my hands are so, well, very much cushioned, it was hot wearing all those protective layers, and my punches were indeed a tad slower, just as Ryan had predicted.

But hopefully in the next boxing sessions, I'd learn to adjust even better to the slight increase in the weight of my hands, and get back to normal speed.


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