13 July 2009

Run For Home: July 19, 2009

Something to look forward to this weekend.

When I got back from Bangkok, I was happy to discover that they've extended the registration period. Signed up immediately for the 5km category at the nearest Globe Business Center.

Why 5km instead of 10km? Because I'm not ready to do 10km, that's for sure. I haven't been regularly running these days due to the rain and the long work nights, so I consider myself not in good condition for a 10km.

Run For Home is shaping up to be the most exciting running event this year, as the race will make use of disposable electronic timing chips to track your running time. Basically your run starts the moment you cross the start line and not at gun start. This is a relief because it's so difficult for me to push my way up to the start line, considering how many race participants there are these days. And it's not like I'm a seasoned runner, so I'm a little shy to put myself at the front when I'm not one of the faster ones anyway. =P

The "downside" to this chip technology is that your run can be measured using RunPix, a program that provides data analysis of how you performed vs the rest of the runners in that category. Oh the pressure!

And speaking of pressure, I really need to start practicing tonight. Only 5 days or so to go before race day! Shame on me if I do so poorly on a 5km run.


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