02 July 2009

Goodbye (hopefully) to knuckle wounds!

I am now the blissful owner of a spankin' new pair of Everlast EverGel Glove Wraps. Couldn't find actual knuckle guards in any of the local sports shops, but I tried on these glove wraps with gel cushioning (Php1,450 less 20%, as Planet Sports was on sale).

It was love at first fit. With these glove wraps, there'll be minimal damage to my knuckles. I'm sick of undoing my normal hand wraps and seeing my bloody, swollen fists.

Can't wait to wear them underneath my boxing gloves this Saturday. Ryan would probably sneer or laugh at me for being so fussy with my knuckles--but I'd rather go through life with scar-free knuckles than follow his old-school advice of soaking my wounded knuckles in hot water and salt.

Me: Um, wouldn't the salt make the wounds sting?!
Ryan: Yes. But it will toughen the knuckle scars.
Me: But I don't want scars!!!

So, yeah, I'm expecting he'll roll his eyes at the sight of my "bourgeois" knuckle wraps.


  1. yeap. sometimes, goodbyes are great. you gotta love to say goodbyes to those pesky, troublesome situations, right? besides, nobody likes scars... either literally or figuratively.

    *clears throat*

  2. Hahahaha! You are so creatively cryptic, Ry! Yeah, yeah, I know what you mean. =P