26 April 2009


I love my friends, who seem to find the best videos online. Got this from These Curious Days.

"Onwards" is this pretty little video made by illustrator James Jarvis in collaboration with Nike, and it wonderfully summarizes the joy of running.

My favorite parts in the video?
- running up those Escher-like staircases
- getting attacked by a crow (hahaha!)
- running at night and into the sunrise (what a really beautiful part)

Read James Jarvis' bio and was surprised to see this:
Jarvis is a keen runner, with P.B.s of 32:20 for 10k, 1:13:27 for the half marathon and 2:35:34 for the marathon.
Wow!!! The guy's amazing. When am I ever, ever going to have personal bests like those?


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