05 April 2009

Brangelina in Boracay!

This would be one of those times I'd wish I had my old PR job back--just so I could grab a free ticket to Boracay courtesy of SEAIR (my former client) and catch a glimpse of Angelina Jolie and Brad Pitt.

Rumor has it that they're staying at the new Shangri-la resort in Boracay. I wonder if they will be staying the entire Holy Week (which is a nightmare, if you ask me. Boracay is so crowded during the Holy Week, the place is simply a sinking island waiting to happen.)

According to Ivan Henares, the couple chartered SEAIR's Dornier Do-24 ATT seaplane to get there. Hooray for SEAIR and the Do-24 ATT! I have a special love for that seaplane. It was my biggest SEAIR project ever, and it happened to be like my sort of entry point into landing a job in UNICEF.
This restored Do-24 ATT went on a world tour last 2004 to raise funds for UNICEF Philippines' programs on education, protection and awareness, and we were able to raise on the first leg alone USD 61,000 for UNICEF.

Now I'm on the other side of the fence--still raising funds. =)

Somebody please post photos of Brangelina in Bora!!! I will live vicariously through those photos.


  1. nope, they're not here and the island is empty of people at the moment.

    The only thing anyone has heard was some nobody blog that was copied by another nobody blog and then copied to some news sites as 'rumor' and perpetuated by more blogs like this one.

  2. oh okay, simply because it's a free country and people can virtually say whatever they want, i'm posting your comment here. anyway, the internet is brimming with rumors about the couple, and people just like to speculate. =)

    anyway, it's nice to hear from someone all the way from bora! lucky you, you're there, while some of us have to endure the cruel Manila heat and pollution this Holy Week.