10 April 2009

2nd training program

For a month or so, this will be my running program according to SmartCoach (until I get a real, live coach like Rio Dela Cruz to make a custom program for me). It's hardly anything new; I just keyed in my last training run results so I could learn to run at a faster pace.
No particularly exciting races at this point, so this is just maintenance running for me. I seem to do okay for 5k, so I'll work harder to make my 10k runs not as painful, harhar.

So, basically, here's what the program means in Metric standards:

Easy Runs
2mi = 3.2km
12:06 pace/mi = 7:31 pace/km

Tempo Runs (Weeks 1, 3 & 5)
1.6km warm-up
1.6km cool-down
3mi = 4.83km
10:27 pace/mi = 6:30 pace/km

Long Runs (Weeks 1 & 2)
6mi = 9.7km
12:06 pace/mi = 7:31 pace/km

Tempo Run (Week 4)
1.6km warm-up
1.6km cool-down
4mi = 6.44km
10:33 pace/mi = 6:34 pace/km

Long Runs (Weeks 3 & 4)
7mi = 11.3km
12:06 pace/mi = 7:31 pace/km

Again, not too over the top. The long run pacing prescribed in this program is pretty realistic, considering that my 10k Condura Run pace was better.

BUT, I'm not a big fan of intervals. 4:41 per 800 meters is not something I'm looking forward to. I'd like to skip it altogether, if I may.

Since I wasn't able to run yesterday (Week 1 Thursday Tempo Run), I'll be running this evening. With Neva and Kline. Yay! And then poker at 8pm with the usual suspects. Double yay!


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