02 May 2009

the post about nothing much

I know I'm being awfully boring here, but my life these days basically consists of work-box-work-run-work-box-work-work-lots more work-box-run (and some reading in between).

My regional supervisor, Y, was in Manila just last Tuesday to Thursday to see our team's Q1 fundraising campaign results and to work out our budget and income from 2009 to 2012. Lord.

I mean, it was a very fruitful exercise but it was just too painful to project all the way up to 2012. And with Y being the Father of Workaholism, we were in the office until 9:30 pm on those days (without any dinner, as Y seems to be always on some strange diet), knee-deep in cost charging ratios and ridiculously high income targets.

My training sked was pretty much gone; I had managed to run 6.4km last Tuesday in 41:20 minutes (slightly longer than Sunday's run)--but Wednesday's boxing and Thursday's running were sadly replaced by the strenuous activity of tweaking some very scintillating Excel worksheets projected onto a wall.

I managed to box today, although my trainer Ryan wasn't there. So I worked with another trainer, Christian, who wasn't as hard on me as Ryan--but at least C helped me a lot in strengthening my left uppercut.


I finally visited the IKEA outlet in Makati yesterday with Randy. He was moving units within the same condominium building and he needed my, er, moral support and aesthetic layout advice. We spent time moving and rearranging his stuff, and man, I just have to say that he has more bags and shoes than I have, haha.

Anyway, he needed some new furniture stuff, so we decided to check out the IKEA outlet, the location of which isn't pretty much known by most people (thanks to Neva for the tip!), and Randy and I still got lost looking for it. And even when we were standing in front of the warehouse gate, it was, to us, a very nondescript place that didn't look like it was containing the furniture of our dreams.

It was a far cry from the Malaysia warehouse branch that I've been to, but the small Makati store still had some pretty drool-inducing stuff. And if you wanted something from the IKEA catalogue that wasn't there, you could always order it, and it would arrive in 2-3 weeks' time, according to the sales assistants. Am thinking of investing someday on IKEA's Billy bookcase system (the ceiling-to-floor kind), and browsing the store items and furniture kept me inspired and focused on my dream library look.

Someday, my library of books will look like this:
Or this:

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  1. When I have my own place, I'll be investing in shelves too.