26 December 2009

Dear e-Santa

Can you please give this to me for Christmas? Wandered into Bratpack in Greenbelt 5 yesterday and tried these tan Sanuk Women's Starlet slip-ons. These Sanuks generally look ugly when they're hanging on the shelf, but lo and behold, they look great on my feet!

I'm a size 5 by the way.


This is not the first time I've forgotten to publish a post. This should have been released last December 20.

No wonder I didn't get this for Christmas, harhar.


  1. i love that pair too! and the pale yellow tie-dye. they look horrid nga when hanging but they're so comfy and beachy and pretty with shorts and minis.

    buy na! :)

  2. I wish someone gave it to me instead! Haha. I'm such a cheapskate sometimes.

    But I'm pretty in love with this pair (and the other Sanuk designs are so cute as well), so if I'm super desperate, I'll get them na before they disappear altogether. =P