01 August 2009

the vain post

There are just some things I'm grateful for.

Like the fact that even if I've had zero exercise this week, I haven't gained any pounds. I was a little hesitant to step on the scale this afternoon because I knew I had been eating, with total abandon, the following food for the past few days:

two big helpings of Ado's pancit (the best pancit ever!)
two chunks of puto with red egg
three big helpings of Amber's pancit Malabon
countless Belgian chocolate biscuits
a huge slice of rhum cake
McDonald's Double Cheeseburger meal with twister fries and Coke Light float
1/4 of a McDonald's BigMac (while I was eating my Double Cheeseburger)
one big single bowl of Mongolian food
Hungarian sausage with egg and cheese sandwich
more pancit guisado with kakanin (our office had a slew of birthday celebrations this week)
another Hungarian sausage with egg and cheese sandwich + grande cup of cold milk from Starbucks
ground beef burrito with extra sidings of nachos and salsa from Mexicali
beef siomai
Korean beef with rice
countless helpings of Ruffles potato chips, that sinful Oishi chocolate sponge snack, more potato chips and some chocolate chip cookies during poker with friends

Was surprised to find out that I'm still at 92 to 93 pounds, which is acceptable for my built. Hooray!

I really love to eat and go on zero diets, but the eating should be countered by exercise--which I haven't done at all this week. Can't be too complacent, so I'm heading to the boxing gym in two hours.


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