24 August 2009


Decided to go for a cleaner look with this blog. It's one of my attempts to simplify certain things in my life.

We all had to clean up our own work areas in the office just a week ago, and while some didn't relish the idea of throwing stuff away, I was happily tossing old documents into the shredding and disposal bins.

The whole office clean-up gave me a high, and a few days after that, I decided to work on de-cluttering my, er, underwear drawer. After an hour of color coding, folding and stacking my undies into neat piles, I was surprised to discover that I had more underwear than what was necessary and that some of them I hadn't even used (and these were nice stuff, by the way!)

I don't know how exactly how cleaning my underwear drawer inspired me into simplifying my blog, but, yeah, that's what happened.

So here I am now, with a cleaner-looking blog design and layout: less color and with minimal elements. Hope you guys like it.


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