06 September 2010

vanilla girl

I'm known as the vanilla girl in the office.

People would kind of joke and say that they'd know it was me who had just passed by just because of the scent of vanilla in the air.

I think it's a compliment. I love all things vanilla. I have body sprays, a basketful of lotions, several bottles of body wash, and even a hand sanitizer that all have that fragrant smell.

So, not surprisingly, this is one of my new moisturizers (I have 3 more lotions in my bag). A yummy Boots product and now an official favorite amongst my teammates, who help themselves to it regularly.

Now that 1/4 of it is consumed after only 2 weeks, I realize I have to find a way to stock up again on this.

And next time I'm in Bangkok, I'm getting the same body butter in the larger pint-looking size.


On a different note, I really have to start on my Paris and Cambodia entries soon. Wrote a couple of notes while I was traveling at that time, and I hope I can properly reconstruct the memorable bits of those summer vacation trips. :)


  1. i LOVE vanilla!!! :) if you haven't maybe you'd like to try Island Baby shampoo and body wash. echostore has it.

  2. Sorry, I only saw your comment like a month later after I've written this post! Waah, my bad! I haven't blogged lately kasi.

    Ooh, sige I'll try Island Baby. Will check out echostore one of these days. :)