14 June 2010

my first Prezi

It's like having your first Lego set, only better--because you're not limited to working with just a few number of blocks.

This was something I worked on in time for the joint UNICEF Communication-Fundraising Regional Meeting last May. Marge and I had to present at the plenary session on harnessing social media for UNICEF advocacy and fundraising campaigns. I was bowled over when people came up to say they loved the presentation and even more so when they were asking me at cocktails later that evening how they could make a Prezi too. Got several raving emails afterwards from other colleagues, which was nice of them. But really, folks, it's just a simple presentation format that anyone can make right on Prezi.com.

I've always hated PowerPoint but even PPT, when used well, can serve its purpose as a multimedia presentation with a proper mix of text, pictures, audio & video. And it really felt like I was dying a slow, agonizing death every time I had to attend work-related conferences that had blocks of text on screen which other people considered already as a PowerPoint.

So to ensure I wasn't contributing to death by PowerPoint at the annual meeting in Thailand, I told Marge I wanted to prepare something different. My Prezi is pretty rough in many places (like the resolution of some images), but I like it, and am actually considering buying the Pro version. I was having a lot of fun making this Prezi. Hope you have loads of fun making yours as well!


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