04 January 2010

a new mug for the year

Okay, I may not have gotten the Sanuk shoes I wanted yet (operative word being 'yet'), but I got a nice unexpected gift this Christmas--a Starbucks Seattle city mug!

I don't go mug-shopping for myself regularly because I don't really see the point of collecting a bunch of them. Two mugs have served me well in the workplace over the past 9 years, and I never needed a new one. But now that I have a city mug from the birthplace of my favorite coffee brand.....!!!! (Enough said.)

A Pike Place mug would have been cool, since this it would have originated from the first ever Starbucks branch, but a Seattle city mug in general is still something that I'm incredibly delighted about. It now resides in my desk where I can look at it everyday to remind me (needlessly, actually) that it's time to get my after-lunch coffee.

P.S. I promise myself a less frivolous post the next time I blog. And because nothing really exciting happens in my life, it will be about books! So there.


  1. over! frivolous posts are always appreciated! hahaha!

  2. Hahaha! Thanks for the support!

    I haven't managed to find the time to sit down and really write something longer and more meaningful. But yes, there is still joy in the littlest of things, and in the telling. =)