22 November 2009

The Fists That Rule The World

Oh yeah, that's our Manny.

It was unspeakably wonderful to watch him live (not in freakin' Las Vegas, which I can never afford) on pay-per-view inside an air-conditioned tent-slash-theater with hundreds of other Filipinos to witness his brutal victory over Miguel Cotto.

And be recognized as the first boxer in boxing history worldwide to win in 7 different weight divisions.

I've watched all the HBO 24/7 episodes focusing on the training camps of Pacquiao and Cotto prior to fight night and it was just so obvious that Manny had way more arsenal than Cotto. People just tend to underestimate the little guy, that's all.

2010 seems so far away. Pacquiao-Mayweather . . . can't wait!


  1. First time to visit your site. Manny punished Cotto, didn't he? Hopefully, the Mayweather fight will push through (if they can get past the money issue) and it will be exciting, instead of Mayweather just planning to counterpunch. :)

  2. Thanks for visiting, Noel!

    Yes, a Pacquiao-Mayweather match will be like the fight of the decade! Both strong, both smart fighters. Pero syempre Manny pa rin! =)