09 February 2010


Yes, I am bursting with amazing news. But it'll have to wait. Like until March, when I'm sure it's proper to tell. Don't want to jinx anything.

(After reading the paragraph above, I realize people might read too much into it and think I'm pregnant. Nope, not that kind of news. Although I'm hoping a friend of mine will have that kind of news in the near future! Right, L?)

Anyway, my news has something to do with this huge work-related and personal event I've been preparing for, for the last couple of weeks, and although it's been tiring "work", I've been brimming with excitement all this time.

Haven't been writing lately, nor boxing. Running--just a little bit, but not enough for me to join races. I feel sad that I missed the Condura Run this year because of work and other pressing matters. Last year's Condura Run was such a joy for me.

Okay. Shit. Useless for me to talk about other things because I can hardly think of anything else except for this "amazing news" of mine.

Well, here's a hint. Bought a nice gray wool coat from Zara a few weeks back. It was on sale, and it's a pretty good deal, if I say so myself. (Besides, I never buy Zara clothes at regular price, anyway.) So...I canNOT wait to use it! =)

Okay, I will stop now. Must wait for March.


  1. woot!!! my guess is you're going to europe! they're sending you to the fundraising conference ano? wooohooo!!! buy some more coats!!! hahaha!!! pagpunta mo, pwede bang magpabili ng notebook? hahaha! i'm so excited for you, Gins! whatever it is, you soooo deserve it.

  2. Waaaah! I'm not saying where I'm going specifically until I have my visa in my hands. Pero I DID start buying stuff, because I don't want to rush around naman a few days before I leave.

    Of course I'll get you a notebook! What kind? Blank or ruled?

  3. I'm sooo excited for you!!! :)

    Praying the visa will be given to you soon! :)

    Re notebook... only if not hassle ha. Doesn't have to be Moleskine. Blank please. :) I can send money if you like. But wala akong euro!

  4. Thanks! I'm praying hard too! But knowing X Embassy, they'll give it us a few days before I fly out. Argh.

    As for the notebook, no prob! Will get you. Basta I'll Facebook you from there. Heehee.

  5. yay! thanks! basta if not hassle lang. paper napkin nalang from laduree if you are paris-bound, pwede din!

  6. awww shoot..someone figured it out agad. hehe

  7. MCN, syempre after I read your comment, I had to google Laduree--cos I had no idea what it was! Hahaha. No, of course, it's not a hassle. =)

    Huy, Iluvatar, didn't know you had blogger. Teehee.

  8. So Paris!!! Wowee!!! Cute ng Laduree website no? Hope you'll get a chance to eat there. :D

  9. Feeling ko macaroons lang ang ma-a-afford ko! Haha. But will pass by there. =)