27 January 2013

Made With Paper: initial sketches

A few weeks back, my youngest sister shoved her iPad under my nose and asked me to try out the Paper app.  Since she doesn't draw, she wanted me to populate her Paper Sketchbook on the iPad.

I was never under any delusion that I could draw amazing stuff from memory, and most of the things I sketch, I sketch using a photo or an actual model/sculpture as a visual reference. So my sister asking me suddenly to draw something somehow made me feel I was in a bit of a tight spot.

Because I was hungry, rather cranky, and craving for sweets, the first thing I drew was this:

Sketch by Gina Sales, 2013

Not my best sketch, obviously, but Steffi looked pleased and asked for another one. (I swear, younger sisters can take on this demanding attitude sometimes. I don't know why I oblige.)

When all else fails, and I can't think of anything to draw, I make trees.  I must be the laziest 'tree-maker' around, because all the trees I make are barren.

Sketch by Gina Sales, 2013

Had some difficulty using the Paper App at first, but one can get used to it. Too bad the free version only allows me to use a standard pen tool, eraser and basic color palette.  Buying the pencil tool and the watercolor brush would cost me $2.58 each, and I wasn't that ready to commit to an App yet. I still had my Moleskine sketch book and tech pen, thank you very much.

But when I casually posted the tree sketch on Facebook, I was pleasantly surprised that people came up to me and actually said that they liked my tree. Wow. Had no idea sketching on an empty stomach can create something likeable. 

At any rate, this Paper App is turning out to be loads of fun. The degree of control isn't as great as holding an actual pen, but it works. At least I have a better reason to use an iPad these days.


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