06 October 2009

emergency fundraising

Managed to have a little (just a little) breathing space in between Ondoy emergency fundraising campaign efforts and an upcoming major direct mail campaign.

Sometimes I think my work life is just one urgent campaign after another. Not that I have a right to complain. Millions and millions of children are living in such dire conditions, and it is only when their needs are fully met that UNICEF will cease to exist.

As this won't be happening any time soon, the work continues.

Placed this donation page on the UNICEF Philippines Facebook account for fans who may want to donate to UNICEF's emergency response campaign for Ondoy storm victims. The page shows what your donation can do or provide to the children. The amounts indicated here have a specific equivalence in terms of 'deliverables' or supplies, but any interested individual can donate whatever amount he or she chooses.
So just in case anyone reading this little blog wants to send in a contribution, simply click here to donate, and you'll be taken to UNICEF Philippines' donation page.

Your support to UNICEF Philippines is always, always appreciated.


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